The Programs

Day 1

Friday, 14 December 2018

8.00 AM


9.00 AM

Welcome and Keynote Address

9.10 AM

Officiating Address

9.20 AM

Transformation Focus

Reworking Transformation: Is Intelligence the Way Forward?

  • According to Dual Transformation, dual strategies or dual business models are better than one
  • Do we need to fear intelligence? Turning disruption from their greatest fear into their greatest opportunity to create massive new markets, power new waves of growth
  • Remap an intelligent business model, and to reimagine who you are when disruption is on the horizon
  • In the revolution where Human meets AI, what will become of our world in the coming era

10.00 AM

Ecosystem Focus

Creating an Organization That IS Innovation: The DNA in the Organization

  • Best talent: Involving HR in the organization’s innovative agenda
  • Identifying and removing the obstacles that hinder people from their abilities and creativity, prompting them to explore and experiment
  • Encouraging a transparent and curious environment: give the team big challenges and the freedom to explore, experiment and fail
  • Eliminating the fear of taking risks, pursue ideas, room to fail fast and learn fast from mistakes

10.40 AM

Networking Break

11.00 AM

Intrapreneurship Dialogue

Approaching innovation from the bottom-up

  • Is intrapreneurship necessary?
  • Building up a learning organization to motivate staffs and have everyone contribute to the common goals
  • Make Intrapreneurship easy without complicated requirements
  • It’s not machines that make innovation happen – it’s people. Open hack weeks, hackathons, bootcamps to everyone (not just techies)

11.40 AM

Fintech Focus

Co-Creating Innovation: How open innovation program is epitomizing the bustling landscape of fintech and banking collaborations

  • Breaking away from time-based accelerator
  • Fintech’ impact on real business and e-commerce
  • What are the barriers and risks of fintech collaborations between banking sectors and start-ups
  • Possibilities emerging from such collaborations

12.20 PM

Co-innovating Focus

Creating a successful partnership: The acute need for a corporate-startup collaboration

  • Shifts away from the traditional and prevalent model of start-up collaborations
  • Expectations management to find a good match between entrepreneurs and corporations
  • Fostering honest and collaborative communication to encourage transparency
  • Dedicating units to proactively manage relationships with startups

1.00 PM

Networking Lunch

2.00 PM

Piloting Focus

Speed to pilot: Bringing new ideas to life through setting up pilots with startups

  • Designing a pilot with low perceived risks but with real potential
  • How to define the success of the pilot
  • Streamlining the contract process for small pilots designed specifically for pilots
  • Rolling-out strategy after successful pilots

2.40 PM

Intelligence Dialogue

Human Meets Intelligence in The Disruptive Times

  • It’s about having reliable data: Clear data-collecting processes, guaranteeing the data’s accuracy and reliability.
  • Before an AI implementation, what’s to be in order? What is the reality check?
  • Integrating the role of Human Computer Interaction in an augmented intelligence platform
  • How will technology impact human lives ?

3.20 PM

Accelerating Focus

Engaging corporate innovation: The real culture of innovation and how to get better at change

  • How to rapidly incubate new ideas while conquering the red tape in the organization
  • Motivating a culture of winning as a team and not personal wins
  • Getting people on-board the journey and recognize the change-resilient people
  • Creating better opportunities at your organizations that translate into personal meaning

3.15 PM

Designer Focus:

Design Thinking for Innovative Business Model

In this disruptive era, to be a champion of innovation, Design Thinking is rapidly becoming paramount to succeed and gain a significant advantage among direct competitors. Design Thinking helps to enhance creativity, ability and skills to innovate. Leaders should use design thinking to capture consumer insights, creative thinking, ideation and prototyping. It helps to understand customer motivation and emotional needs of customers, and it helps executives think beyond their usual product development models to unlock new opportunities growth, and better lead unique and winning innovation products.

Speaker: Jayant Murty, Director Brand, Creative, Media and Integrated Marketing, Intel Corp.

4.00 PM

Closing Address and Networking Break

Day 2

Saturday, 15 December 2018

9.00 AM – 4.00 PM

Workshop program (for selected delegates)

Piloting and navigating continual industry disruption

  • Diagnose the customer’s problems
  • Investigating your ecosystems
  • Define and commit to the value add
  • Leading through disruption and strategic responses


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