Marks the spots

Date: 14 to 15 December 2018

Venue: Macau SAR, China

The world currently is in a disruptive stage and it is here to stay. Larger and existing companies often worry that smaller and more agile competitors may beat them to market, and if they don’t start disrupting, they may eventually become obsolete.

Although Asia may enjoy the benefits digital disruption brings and marvelled at the new opportunities for innovations, this also means existing enterprises had better stay on top of the chain or risk becoming obsolete, we may experience massive economic changes especially when we are at the cusp of the next industrial revolution.

Industrial revolutions have always dominated and change the world in a big way, and it will come fast, and sooner than we think. It involves the use of sophisticated technologies that would become a crucial part of our lives tomorrow. Businesses must be ready to compete during this revolution: innovate smart processes and business models, creating intelligent technologies and services, leveraging on AI and IoT and all the necessary perks to mark your spot in this disruptive era, to be irreplaceable.

With this in mind, International Innovation Summit 2018: Think ‘X’ Marks the Spot will address the challenges and provide insights how to “work” with disruption for innovation.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower
– Steve Jobs

Why you can not Miss this event

The summit will be a quintessential gathering of minds. Innovators, brace yourselves for a succession of intriguing insights about the disruptive era and its innovations, “Think X Marks The Spot” talks about thinking the unthinkable and achieving the impossible. We wish to also unite and connect the leaders of start-ups and giants of Asia and the summit urges businesses to shape their own futures by collaborations to overturn the tide of disruptions. Our goal is to bring together bright minds to deliver innovation-focused talks that spark conversations and ignite thoughts that matter.

This summit wishes to get innovators rev up and be prepared for the upcoming year, attend to hear the most important topics and innovation case studies brought to you by thought leaders, industry experts and consultants that are celebrated in their fields of expertise.

Should attend

For those who are involved directly or indirectly in innovation activities in their organizations:

CEO, CFO, COO, President Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Information Officer, VP, MD, GM, Directors, Chiefs, Heads, Managers, Engineers, Analysts, Executives from departments of:

  • Corporate Innovation
  • Research and Development
  • Product Development/ Product Innovation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Marketing/ Digital Communications
  • Corporate Strategy and Business Innovation
  • Business Strategy Design
  • Business Development
  • Customer Innovation/ Customer Relations
  • Branding/ Marketing/ Creative
  • IT Analytics/ Technology/ Data/ E-Commerce


  • Innovation Strategist/ Innovation Catalyst
  • Innovation Consultant
  • Design Thinking Strategist
  • Business Model Designer


anna simpson

Anna Simpson

Director and Chief Innovation Coach,
Flux Compass

collin thompson

Collin Thompson

Co-Founder & Managing Director,
Intrepid Venturesa

Gary Ng

Gary Ng

Founder, DEEPTECK – The Community for Deep Technology
Co-Founder, Hong Kong Startup Support Group – The first decentralized startup community in Asia

Hanna Hallin

Hanna Hallin

Sustainability Manager,
H&M Greater China


John Gist

Head of Digital Solutions,
Asia Pacific, Fidelity International

marina chan

Marina Chan

Director of Education,
MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node

Martin Daffner

Martin Daffner

Founder, Innobrix
Managing Partner, Emerge Innovation
Innovation Architect, Corporate Innovation Coach

Michelle Lo

Michelle Lo

Head of Digital (TW & HK),
Johnson & Johnson

Normandy Madden

Normandy Madden

Global Director, Media & Brand Innovation,
The Digit Group

Peter Clark

Peter Clark

Regional CIO,
Standard Chartered Bank HK

raymond yip

Raymond Yip



Sui Yang Phang

Managing Partner,

Ted Suen

Ted Suen

Head of Information Technology,
MTR Corporation

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