DAY 1 [ 01 . 12 . 17 ]

8.00 AM



9.00 AM



Innovation & The Fifth Revolution

Speaker: Tan Sri Dr. Fong Chan Onn, Chairman, Enterprise Asia

9.15 AM



Innovating In The Disrupting Age

According to a survey of 1,500 global CEOs: creativity is the single most important leadership quality today. The world is undergoing continuous disruption, value creation is now happening in creative problem solving and creative business models. Looking into the future, it seems clear that only 1 in 5 brands are perceived to have a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Businesses must re-innovate and rethink the fundamentals like: why they exist, why people should engage with them or invest in them. Getting innovation right at every level is the key, tomorrow’s successful organisations will be those who adopt a bottom line that engaged in all the 4Ps – People, Planet and Purpose alongside Profit. Tomorrow’s leaders say: “I don’t just want to be the best in the world, I want to be the best for the world.”


Speaker: Anne Lise Kjaeir, CEO and Founder, Futurist, Innovator, Kjaer Global

10.00 AM



Eliminating Barriers to Innovative Thinking and Branding

Business success and successful brands depends on happy customers. Identify the way customers look at brands to drive business changing innovation and growth. Innovation in the end comes down to delighting the customers with innovative branding, and propagating new concepts and approaches that challenge the norm. Customers are looking at a brand while perceiving if it fits them, businesses must innovate differently and shape a unique sense for the brand. And in a world where there is patent and IP war raging on, how would these impact innovations?


Speaker: Jeffery Yu, CEO, Edelman China

10.30 AM



11.00 AM



Developing and Prospering Incubation and Acceleration Ecosystem

Companies are talking about innovation, but struggle to get innovation right, overall performance declines, and it is hard to regain competitive advantages. Having ideas isn’t the problem for companies, the challenge lies with accelerating the ideas forward to create business impact. Adopting a strong internal incubation and acceleration process to look for emerging opportunities, small ventures, experimenting on pilot projects and keeping what scales, in the midst of these, how do companies balance risks and return? Will co-incubating, tapping on each other’s strengths creates much value for businesses?



  • Martin Daffner, Founder, Managing Partner, Innovation Architect, Corporate Innovation Coach, Emerge Innovation



  • Congresswoman Gwendolyn Garcia, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of Philippines
  • William Bao Bean, Managing Director and General Partner, Chinaccelerator and SOSV China
  • Anne Lise Kjaeir, CEO and Founder, Futurist, Innovator, Kjaer Global

11.45 AM



Reinventing Organizations: Forging a Culture of Innovation in Your Organization

“If you want 1 year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.”

– Chinese Proverb


Turns out, there is a big reason why innovation culture fails in organizations – too much hierarchy and control, lacking flexibility, limited collaboration forged within the organization. Organizations need to re-cultivate innovation culture into the heart of operations, it needs to be made a part of everyone’s responsibilities and mindset. It is not hard to achieve if the company’s innovation focus is on the people: Make innovation everyone’s job and train them how to do it, at the same time, develop a shared innovation language, and progress the ideas by collaboration at all levels.


Speaker: Michael Wolczyk, Head of E-Commerce, AXA China Region

12.15 PM



Innovation of Permanent Anti-Bacterial Textiles

Speaker: Chaiyos Rungcharoenchai, CEO, PermaCorp

12.30 PM



1.30 PM



Ending Innovation Theatre: The big obstacle to innovation

Innovation Theatre, that is, innovation just for show, with no real outcome. The session will unravel what to be aware of to avoid Innovation Theatre.


There are few reasons why innovation fail instead of fly. To be ahead of the competition, innovation strategies need to be re-invented to transform ideas to products. However, Innovation Theatre will create a barrier to innovate, some of the routines to be aware of include hopping onto the Start-up Bandwagon too fast, innovate without a clear view of the outcomes, re-branding in-house teams as PR move, scatter ping pong tables around the office, lacking integration with core company and innovation culture, focus on tweaks rather than on transformation. These are innovation theatre – innovation that haven’t moved the top or bottom line and have no measurable impact, how do innovators move out of this theatre.



  • Lt. General Sudhir Sharma, Advisor, Enterprise Asia / former Quartermaster General, Indian Army



  • Kapil Kane, Innovation Director, Intel Corp
  • Jason Lo, Head of Strategy for China, Honeywell Greater China
  • Daisy Guo, Cofounder & CMO of

2.15 PM



Think inside the box – innovation by leveraging what is existing

“Think outside the box” is arguably the most commonly heard and adopted guiding principle when pursuing innovation. At DHL, the largest logistics company that has operated for more than 50 years in one of the oldest industries in the world, we come up with new ideas by looking inside the box. In this session, we will share and discuss how innovation can be pursued by leveraging existing solutions and technologies such as robotics, drones, augmented reality, IoT”.


Speaker: Stephen Fung, Vice-President, Partner and Head of Asia-Pacific, DHL Consulting

2.45 PM



Innovation on Economy and Investment

Investment in innovation is essential for organizational growth and to compete in the global economy. In turn, this will also develop the progression of economy. Here we look at future risks for innovation, and the prediction for other emerging innovation. For tech and non-tech firms, it is essential to be prepared for the tide and knowing what are the suitable innovation to invest.


Speaker: Benjamin Cavender, Consultant and Principal, China Market Research Group

3.15 PM



Design Thinking for Innovative Business Model

In this disruptive era, to be a champion of innovation, Design Thinking is rapidly becoming paramount to succeed and gain a significant advantage among direct competitors. Design Thinking helps to enhance creativity, ability and skills to innovate. Leaders should use design thinking to capture consumer insights, creative thinking, ideation and prototyping. It helps to understand customer motivation and emotional needs of customers, and it helps executives think beyond their usual product development models to unlock new opportunities growth, and better lead unique and winning innovation products.


Speaker: Jayant Murty, Director Brand, Creative, Media and Integrated Marketing, Intel Corp.

3.45 PM



Digital Revolution: Upskilling Towards The Future

Digital innovation had been created to solve problems and ensure competitive advantage: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, what do these mean for organizations? These technologies are being embraced by almost every industry to solve their problems, cost management, sales growth, R&D, customer centric solution. Will these gamechanging innovations continue to disrupt industries and change the way businesses operate? What are some of the innovation that will dominate the industries in the near future?


Speaker: Jason Khong, Founder, Apptivity Lab

4.00 PM



DAY 2 [ 02 . 12 . 17 ]

9.00 AM - 4.00 PM



Today’s business leaders are constantly looking to re-invention of processes, products, technologies to adapt to the changing market place. However, how does one begin to engage with so many opportunities? How does one elevate our perspective to see our businesses with a strategic overview?


The workshop introduces PROTO, an experience to inspire innovation in which the participants will engage with the innovation process. PROTO gamifies innovation. Players will be challenged to balance dozens of emerging innovations, digital disruptions with the realities of business challenges. By experiencing the creative chaos in this safe and fun simulation, participants are better positioned for the future of business model innovation.


Join the workshop to know how to leverage capabilities and assets to create new business models. Discover the challenges and opportunities of scaling a business model that integrates world-changing transformative agents.


Innovation Workshop Facilitator:
Brian Tam, CEO and Founder, Let’s Make Great! Three-time TEDx speaker, Creator of PROTO Innovation Game.