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Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.

– William Pollard

International Innovation Summit 2017

  • 1 – 2 December 2017
  • Hyatt On The Bund Shanghai, China

Gain insights from industry experts as they deliver keynote addresses

Hear the ideas, challenges and opportunities during dialogue sessions

Capitalize on opportunities to make lasting connections, share ideas, and establish interconnecting partnerships with potential partners during the breaks

Learn from game changers as they share their success stories through keynotes

Innovation. A widely used term. A vocabulary now embedded into all business-related activities and strategies, a word now often used by senior leaders and stakeholders. It is not just about the product and technologies, it is about the company as a whole. It’s about the management structure, the language, incentives, culture, process, and of course, embracing the correct technologies.

Disruptors are popping up all over the place and advancing in a precipitous pace- the rise of start-ups, emerging world-shaking technologies, doubled up of venture capital funding are disrupting businesses in every industry. Now, companies in certain industries need to transform and innovate in speed as the winds shifted – but lacking the management support, incentives, or even the process on how to do that; And there are companies simply just focus on tweaks rather than real transformation.

C-Levels, Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Inventors and Investors shoulder the responsibilities for driving innovation, strategies, product development in their organizations, transformation is no longer an option but an essential factor. Join us to hear the most important topics, opportunities and challenges in the world of innovation, learn strategies to support your future development and remain ahead of competition.

The summit aims to demystify why innovation fails and what’s not working for the organizations, explore transformative innovation culture and re-innovate management structure and model.

The International Innovation Summit provides an unparalleled platform that is power-packed with networking and sharing of insights with an elite community of innovators. Every organization is striving to resolve the major challenges in their innovation structure and at the same time searching for opportunities and new ideas to drive business growth.

  • It's a great event where you see all different kinds of thought leaders from different countries with different international background come together to share best practices design thinking, it's always a pleasure to hear different views on how to innovate for the future, what might be interesting and what we can foresee for the future.

    Michael Wolczyk
    Head of E-Commerce, AXA
  • It's the first time I attend the Int' Innovation Summit and I'm very amazed, I'm very amazed by the high caliber speakers that we have had today, by the open-minded approach from all the people here exchanging ideas about innovation, I enjoyed very much and I'll be back for sure.
    Stephen Fung
    Vice-President and Head of Asia Pacific, DHL Consulting
  • What actually brought me to this summit is the title of the panel discussion that I had the chance to be in-which is going beyond innovation theatre. I think it's important for people to know, they have to innovate for the right reasons. The biggest takeaway of the summit is also the different kinds of ideas, viewpoints for audience to take back and implement in their day-to-day work, and great to network with people who you might not usually meet daily, that's one of the biggest value I see.
    Kapil Kane
    Innovation Director, Intel Corp.


Anne Lise Kjaer

Anne Lise Kjaeir

CEO and Founder, Futurist, Innovator,
Kjaer Global


Stephen Fung

Vice-President, Partner and Head of Asia-Pacific

DHL Consulting

Jeffery Yu

Jeffery Yu

Edelman China

Michael Wolczyk

Michael Wolczyk

Head of E-Commerce
AXA China Region

Benjamin Cavender

Benjamin Cavender

Consultant and Principal
China Market Research Group

William Bao Bean

William Bao Bean

Managing Director and General Partner
Chinaccelerator and SOSV China

Jayant Murty

Jayant Murty

Director – Marketing, Brand, Creative, Media and Integrated Marketing
‎Intel Corp.

Kapil Kane

Kapil Kane

Innovation Director
Intel Corp.


Daisy Guo

Co-Founder & CMO,

Jason Lo

Jason Lo

Head of Strategy, China
Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd

Martin Daffner

Martin Daffner

Founder, Managing Partner, Innovation Architect, Corporate Innovation Coach
Emerge Innovation

Jason Khong

Jason Khong

Apptivity Lab


Tan Sri Dr. Fong Chan Onn

Enterprise Asia


Lt. General Sudhir Sharma

Enterprise Asia

Former Quartermaster General,
Indian Army


Congresswoman Gwendolyn Garcia

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives,

IIS Brochure (AUGUST) r13

Brian Tam

CEO & Founder, Let’s Make Great!
Three-time TEDx Speaker, Creator of Proto Innovation Game

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